Mobile Signal Booster

The Guide to Cell Phone Signal Boosters

Almost everyone who has had to use mobile phones on the go can attest to how they seem almost petulant in their behavior. One day it will work fine on the drive home, the next day on the same route, you will drop a call four times. The reasons behind this are complex, ranging from time of year, weather, other people using mobile devices in the area, and a variety of other factors. How ever, you don't have to be held hostage to the problems even modern cellphones experience. There is a variety of devices that can be used to mitigate it, with the most basic one being the mobile signal booster. A mobile booster is a very simple piece of technology conceptually, they simply increase the total power being output beyond what it can normally do, so that you can either reach a far away cell tower or bypass obstructions. This does mean that they take power to use, sometimes a lot depending on how boost you need. Thankfully, they typically can be easily powered via a wall plug or from your car's lighter plug if it is an external booster, many cellphone boosters these days come in more compact form factors however, by being built into a cellphone's case. Incase cellphone boosters run off of your cellphone's battery, so you will probably want to have your phone plugged in well utilizing the booster.
Boost weak signal

How to choose

How do you go about choosing the booster that is right for your needs? Well, that obviously depends on your needs! Each mobile phone booster has it's pros and cons, pluses or minuses. The largest difference you need to be cognizant of is whether you need just cellphone signal or connection to G networks for internet capabilities as well. Some boosters will not help you connect to your 3 or 4G networks, these boosters typically being the smaller more compact ones, which means the average mobile phone signal booster that is built into a cases

Battery usage

Battery usage can also be a major concern, as running a mobile repeater for both your cellphone signal and a connection to the G networks will use much more power then just one or the other. The amount of power that the booster amplifies your signal by will vary as well, typically measured in wattage. All of these basic, important factors must be taken into account when you are thinking about buying a mobile phone signal booster. It will definitely be worth your time and money to sit down and think about how and when you will use your new booster, and how powerful your booster may need to be. Otherwise, you could end up stuck with an expensive piece of equipment that doesn't serve your needs at all.